In collaboration with MCS, PHE conducted assessments of seven experimentations led in France intended to pioneer the shift from hospital care to outpatient and at-home care. MCS collected data from numerous agencies in multiple regions of France regarding different strategies for patient care following hospitalization and PHE then categorized these treatment strategies into six families, grouping similar treatment objectives together and determining one or more of the initiatives from each family to assess.

For each selected study, PHE conducted a financial assessment and analyzed the budget impact in order to determine the potential costs and savings for the healthcare system. We met with the healthcare professionals behind each project in order to distinguish each group’s respective methodology, financial infrastructure, and prospective outcome for France’s healthcare system. We then worked with these teams in conceptualizing their goals, settling on objectives, gathering the required data for assessment and properly executing assessments.

Following the completion of these analyses, we presented the information collected at a conference in Paris titled “Reconfiguring care to the outpatient and home settings: the new challenge for healthcare organizations” alongside MCS and the project’s scientific steering committee, highlighting the potential healthcare savings that each solution offers. The conclusions of this conference allowed to characterize the appropriate steps in order to conceptualize, set up, and assess such experimentation, thus aiding future teams in accessing financing.