Evidence Generation

Expertise in French SNDS analysis
Strong internal medical skills
Statistical expertise
Neural networks methodology

Our Vision

Using strong knowledge of French medico-administrative databases, technical expertise in data analysis, statistics and neural networks and internal medical skills, Public Health Expertise conducts statistical and data science studies in the field of healthcare and life sciences. 

Our experience includes analysis of medical registries, insurance claims databases and clinical trials results, as well as indirect treatment comparisons (network meta-analyses).


Some Projects

Antibiotic usage in Eastern Europe

The overuse of antimicrobial medicine poses a profound threat to people worldwide due to its contribution to antibiotic resistance. In partnership with the World Health Organization, we conducted a study

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Medical devices for stroke treatment

Medical professionals from MicroVention, an American neuroendovascular medical device company, developed a new form of a stent with the potential to improve treatment for neurovascular disorders. In order to gain

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MGEN Vivoptim

With the rise of private health insurance throughout France intended to cover healthcare services excluded by the national healthcare system, private insurance companies have contracted a vast number of citizens,

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