With the rise of private health insurance throughout France intended to cover healthcare services excluded by the national healthcare system, private insurance companies have contracted a vast number of citizens, many of whom suffer from cardiovascular disease. In collaboration with a privatized health insurance organization, MGEN (Mutual General of National Education), we designed and implemented Vivoptim, the first national preventative program for cardiovascular disease initiated by an organization other than the national health insurance program. The goal of this program was to maximize MGEN’s influence in cardiovascular disease prevention by proposing a different solution for combatting prevalent risk factors. Some aspects of Vivoptim include initiatives regarding smoking, poor dietary choices, and inactivity, several of the leading contributors to cardiovascular disease.

Over the course of four years, we integrated this program into three separate regions to evaluate and assess its effects. After collecting and analyzing data across various platforms, we were able to determine the program’s efficiency and whether or not it had a notable impact on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.