Strong internal medical skills
World experts in health modelling
Anticipate the future
by modeling diseases burden
Support public affairs strategy
Major achievements in
HCV, cystic fibrosis and immune-oncology

Our Vision

Public Health Expertise has extensive experience in developing simulation models in various therapeutic areas and is recognised as an expert team, able to interpret and implement real-life data, clinical-trial based evidence, and clinical experts’ opinions into state-of-the-art mathematical models.

Mathematical modelling and simulation is an approach that aims to mimic real systems. The conceptualisation and translation into simulation algorithms of studied processes allows evolution prediction and the exploration of their reaction to changes in silico.

Modelling methods have become a standard for scientific research in many areas, including physics, biology, economics and life-sciences. Many healthcare payers and health technology assessment agencies rely on health-economic models to assess the potential value of new treatments and devices by extrapolating  clinical trials efficacy results into real-life costs and effects.

For every model, we aim to best conceptualize a disease’s natural history, thus allowing extrapolations of the effects and impacts of clinical innovation on patients’ lives, disease burden and clinical landscape.