Pricing & Reimbursement

Global support in market access strategy
at national and regional levels
Former employees ot the French health agencies
High Health Authority (HAS) and Pricing Committee
Strong internal medical skills
Experts in oncology, rares-diseases and infectiology

Our Vision

Public Health Expertise has extensive experience in the redaction and submission of health technology assessment dossiers to the transparency and efficiency commissions of the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé, French national health technology assessment agency) in oncology, rare diseases, endocrinology and infectiology.

PHE project managers include former HAS and pricing committee (CEPS) members. Having submitted dozens of transparency and efficiency dossiers across all major therapeutic areas, they are experts of both clinical and economic assessment processes in France.

Our experiences alongside strong medical skills allow us to develop comprehensive solutions for French HTA processes, including redaction of HTA dossiers, development of the required resources (health economic models, indirect drug comparisons, clinical value summary), planning of the market access strategy and interactions with clinical experts, payers and stakeholders.