Publication of the report on health economic assessment of colorectal cancer screening modalities led by PHE for the French National Cancer Institute (INCa)

French National Cancer Institute (INCa) published the report on the study led by PHE, assessing modalities of organised screening for colorectal cancer.

For this study, we developed a disease model of colon cancer, reproducing how colon cancer appears based on literature and the MISCAN colorectal cancer model, in cooperation with the national Cancer Institute (INCa) and the project’s steering comittee involving practitioners, patient associations, representatives of the health ministry, national health insurance and national and local health administrations.

Our study showed that although screening rates need improvement, the current standard initiative is the most cost-effective method for patients at average risk.

The most efficient approaches to improve colorectal cancer screening rates were at-home tests sent to all eligible subjects or to subjects targeted based on self-administered questionnaire, as well as test delivery in pharmacies, depending on the dispensation tariff.

This study was also presented by INCa earlier in 2019 at JFHOD 2019.

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