The company

Public Health Expertise is an independent consulting company specialized in high-end life-sciences simulations, data analysis and market-access. We combine technical skills in modelling, biostatistics and health economics; medical background; market-access expertise and extensive public health environment knowledge to enhance the perception of health technologies value.

Through our experiences over all therapeutic fields, we have built a leading expertise for French Health Economics and Market Access processes for drugs, devices and diagnostics. We select the projects that interest us the most and commit 100% in each of them to ensure success to health technologies assessment processes.


Public Health Expertise is composed of expert consultants in their specific fields working closely to ensure that every aspect of each project benefits from the most up-to-date, sate of the art methods. It regroups medical doctors, pharmacists and statisticians with backgrounds in health economics, outcomes research and market-access.

Henri Leleu, Scientific Director, MD, PH.D.

Henri is a medical doctor, formerly an intern for the public hospitals in Paris and researcher at Institut Gustave Roussi with a Ph.D. in health economics. As PHE’s scientific director, he leads the team for all health economics and biostatistics activities. Henri is an expert modeler. He has designed and programmed medico-economic and epidemiologic models relying on DES, Markov, micro-simulation and partitioned survival methodologies to assess therapies, diagnostics, and organizational changes as well as forecast public health burden of diseases in oncology, infectious diseases and rare diseases. Henri is also in expert in health insurance data analysis. He has an extensive knowledge of the US and European health systems.


Martin Blachier, Director, MD, MPH, MBA.

Martin is a medical doctor, formerly an intern for the public hospitals in Paris specialized in public health. He has worked for the health technology assessment department of the French High Health Authority (HAS) and for the French health ministry. Martin is an expert in the decision-making processes regarding market-access and price-negotiation in France. He holds an extensive experience in leading the redaction and supporting the submission of registration dossiers for reimbursement and pricing of health technologies, including the communication with medical and scientific experts involved in the assessment process.

Marc Massetti, Partner, PharmD, MSC.

Marc is a doctor in pharmacy specialized in health economics. As a consultant, he has led the redaction and supported the submission of health economic dossiers in the fields of oncology, psychiatry, infectiology and rare diseases. He has designed and adapted models of various methodologies to French and international contexts in both regulatory and academic settings. Marc has extensive experience in the submission of health technology assessment dossiers, interaction with health authorities and clinical and scientific experts, systematic literature review and medical writing.

Alexandre Vimont, Senior Consultant, MSC.

Alexandre is a mathematician specialized in biostatistics and health economics, with experiences in consulting in France and Australia. He is an expert in data management and healthcare data analyses. Alexandre has designed and implemented network meta-analyses and mixed treatment comparisons. He has conducted survival studies based on randomized controlled trials, observational studies, real life registries and medical insurance claims databases. Alexandre has developed simulation models in oncology and psychiatry. He is conducting a thesis research in supervised machine learning applied to the funding of patient pathways.


Clémence Antier, Consultant, PharmD, MSC.

Clémence is a pharmacist specialized in market-access and health-economics. Clémence has extensive knowledge in funding of innovative treatments. She has gained experience in health technology assessment dossiers redaction and submission for drugs and medical devices in oncology, infectiology and endocrinology. She contributes to medico-economic evaluation of oncologic treatments and the assessment of care pathways alongside clinical experts and health organizations specialists.